●h were stored several tons of d●ynamite.An hour’s

tramp next morning 4


52br▓ought us to “rail head” and the work train●.Hundreds of Chinese coolies, in mu▓d-bespattered trousers and leaf hats three f▓eet in diameter, swarmed upon the flat ca▓rs as they were unloaded.With▓ them we jolted away through● the sun-scorched jungle. Ten mi▓les south the train took a siding and stoppe

d be▓fore a stone quarry around wh▓ich had sprung up a helter-ske●lter Chinese village.A deluge dro▓ve us into a shop where samshoo, food,● and coolie clothing were sold, and we whi●led away a gloomy morning in▓ discussing the characters of the pr●oprietors, whose chief pastime, when ●they were not quarreling over their cards, was● to toss back and forth about the room a doze●n boxes of dynamite.At noon t●hey set out on these same boxes a generou▓s dinner of spitted pork, jerked duck, a▓nd rice wine; and invited us to join them.We ▓did so, being hungry, yet antici▓pating a sad de


pletion of our funds when● the quarter-hour of Gargantu▓a came.All through the meal the Chi●namen were most attentive.When i●t was ended they rolled us cigaret▓tes in

wooden wrappers, such as they smo●ked incessantly even while eatin▓g. “Suppose they’ll want the whole blood●y fortune now,” sighed James, as I drew out mo●ney to pay them.To our unbounded su▓rprise, however, they refuse▓d to accept a copper. “What the devil do y▓ou suppose their game is” gasped the A▓ustralian.“Something foxy, or I’m ▓a dingo

.Never saw a pig-tail look a bob in the▓ face before without grabbing for it.” ●The dean of the shopkeepers, a shifty▓-eyed old fellow with a straggly grey cue, sw▓ung suddenly round upon us. “B▓elly fine duck,” he grinned. Our fac▓es froze with astonishment. “Dinner all ligh▓t” he went on, “Belly good man, me.No▓ takee dollies for chow.M



any Chinyman ta●kee plenty.You fink allee same me.No dam▓n fear.One time me live Flisco by white man▓ a


llee same you, six year.Givee plenty dolli●es for joss stick.Me no takee for chow.”▓ The Celestials


had grouped th●emselves about us, laughing gleefully at the ▓surprise which the old man had sprung on us


.O●f the eight Chinamen in the hu●t, six spoke “pidgin” English fl▓uently and had understood our ever

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y w▓ord. We spent the afternoon in acquir●ing a Chinese vocabulary for the days to come.● No

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    r were these jungle merchants poor ▓tutors.At dusk they prepared a second feast,● after which tw

    him as ●th
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    o of them shouldered our ●packs and led the way through the wilder▓ness to a point on the 453mai

    e bold, bad
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    n line, where th▓e locomotive of the work train was ▓to halt on its way south.If we had not pr▓

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    ogressed many miles during the day,● we had at least discovered an entirely new● side to the Chi

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    nese character. Freed of its ●burden of flat cars, the engine raced like a thi●ng of life thr

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    ough the cool, silent night●, taking the curves at breathless angles.We s▓at high up on the tend

    d in anticip

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  • ted. The● Australian whirled and caught the trooper〃埊s musket in both hands.The f●ellow let go of it with a scream, and the ▓whole following
  • band, sergeant, sold▓iers, villagers, and bold, bad man tu▓rned tail and fled. Miles beyond we met two● lone soldiers perambulating northwa
  • rd, and, ●knowing that they were sure to stop at ●the post of our recent adversaries, we ▓forced the musket upon them and plodded on cl
  • e▓ar of conscience. Once more we w▓ere benighted in the jungle and ag▓ain the ground was soggy and the trees alive wit●h monkeys.On the following
  • day, for all our s●leepiness and blistered feet, we tram●ped a full thirty miles and spe●nt that night in an odoriferous bamboo hut●,
  • much against the owner’s w▓ill—and our own. Forty-eigh▓t hours after our escape from the● soldiers we reached Pakhampo, an▓ importan


  • t village numbering severa▓l Europeans among its inhabitants.With● one of these we took dinner.His ●house floated on a bamboo raft in a trib▓utary
  • of the Menam, his serva▓nts were “wild men” of his own traini▓ng, and his wife a native.Unfem●inine as is the female of Siam, with her ▓black tee
  • th and her bristling● pompadour, half the white residents of ▓the kingdom, many of them men of education ▓and personality, are thus mated. A German s▓yndicate has undertaken the construc▓tion of the first rai
  • lway of Siam.We stru▓ck out along the top of the unfinishe▓d grade in the early afternoon, and, no lon●ger hampered by entangling undergrowth, set su●
  • ch a pace as we had not before▓ in
  • weeks.Long after dark we reach▓ed the resid

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